The cases of the Signature watches measure 42 mm or 45 mm and are 11 mm high. This watch style is big and bold. The watch sits high on the wrist and is a modern statement piece.

The Signature Collection watches have luminous numerals and dials. Simply expose your watch to natural or artificial light for a few minutes so that it later glows in the dark.

Signature watches have stainless steel bracelets secured by double-locking butterfly clasps. The butterfly clasp is invisible when closed, creating the illusion of a seamless band. It is also particularly safe and prevents the watch from accidentally falling off the wrist. The entire bracelet is made of 316L stainless steel, also known as surgical steel.

What started as a simple watch stand in a pop-up store on Madison Avenue in New York City has grown into a full-fledged lifestyle brand. The luxurious aesthetics of Paul Rich watches fascinate customers all over the world. New York is our home, but we believe it's actually a way of life - full of splendor and elegance.

With the products, Paul Rich invites her customers to live the glamorous and dynamic lifestyle of New York - no matter where you are.

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