Outback meets Berlin – Bellroy Rucksäcke jetzt bei uns.

Outback meets Berlin - Bellroy backpacks now with us.

interpreted by Rod Stewart?

This melancholic song, which is so well-known and popular in Australia, does not sing about a woman named Matilda. No, the word "Matilda" means a backpack in Australia, and the song is about a hiker with his backpack out in the outback - the Australian wilderness. In the outback you can hike for days without seeing a soul. Maybe a kangaroo will hop past you... Now how do we get to that? Quite simply: because the Australians, as outback hikers, certainly know best how a good backpack should be designed. Try a Bellroy backpack! We have now added the Australian Bellroy backpacks to our range and are even an official Bellroy dealer in Berlin.

From start-up to brand

Bellroy is a start-up company: four people founded a small company in Melbourne, Australia in 2009. Andrew Fallshaw, Hadrien Meuloup, Lina Calabria and Matthew Fallshaw would have hardly dared to dream that after 12 years they would already have 70 employees! But Bellroy was a hit from the start! The concept of producing sustainable products, namely bags, wallets and backpacks of particularly good quality, turned out to be ingenious. Bellroy products are stylish, solid and above all: very durable. This allowed Bellroy to assert itself on the market. In particular, the large selection of backpacks inspires outback hikers and city dwellers alike. Today Bellroy delivers to 120 countries, including Germany.

Recycled materials - still high quality

Every Bellroy backpack is made with the utmost care. The good workmanship then results in a long service life of the hard-wearing product. Bellroy is very careful when choosing the materials, because those responsible are convinced that sustainable materials result in sustainable products. The company therefore uses carefully recycled materials or certified leather to manufacture the backpacks. The colors of the backpacks are inconspicuous, such as brown, gray or black. So feel free to take your Bellroy backpack to work (even if you work in a bank!). The backpacks offer plenty of storage space and all have wide shoulder straps so that you don't have to strain too much to carry the backpack if you should have packed a little more! But let's take a closer look at some of the models:

The “Melbourne Backpack”

This classic Bellroy backpack is available in black, gray and beige. It weighs only 750 grams empty, but offers 18 liters of storage space. Your laptop fits in! The magnetic closure of the backpack looks particularly modern. And if the environmental issue is particularly important to you when you buy a product, then the “Melbourne Backpack” is the right choice for you: This backpack is made from recycled fabric. Leather is not processed.

The “Classic Backpack Plus”

If you want to do sports and like to stow your sneakers in your backpack, then you should opt for the "Classic Backpack Plus". A pair of sneakers fits easily into this roomy backpack, which weighs only 950 grams when empty. There is a key chip in one of the two inside pockets. Keys and valuables can be safely stowed away in this model. It is made from recycled fabric and leather. But you can also choose a model without leather. The "Classic Backpack Plus" is available in five colors.

The “Tokyo Totepack Premium Edition Classic Backpack”

This is a very classy example, only available in black. The backpack weighs 850 grams empty and has 20 liters of storage space. You can spread your things over several inside pockets, and you can also easily accommodate your laptop. There's even an inside pocket for your sunglasses! This Bellroy backpack is made from ecologically certified leather and recycled fabric. A smaller, lighter version of this backpack is available under the name Tokyo Totepack Premium Edition Compact.

Now available at TIMESTUFF in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

We at Timestuff are so enthusiastic about the Bellroy backpacks that we gladly accepted the opportunity to become an official Bellroy dealer in Berlin. If you live nearby or maybe take a trip to Berlin, you can stop by our store in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg without obligation and examine our selection of Bellroy backpacks. You will surely find what you are looking for. Or simply order your favorite copy online. We are always happy if you choose a Bellroy backpack. You will definitely have a lot of fun with your new backpack - in the outback or in the big city!


If you don't like the selected product, you can return it within 30 days. More on this under Right of Withdrawal.