Einzigartige Uhren für eine einzigartige Stadt

Unique clocks for a unique city

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Within reach!

Just in time for Christmas, Berliners and visitors to Berlin have been able to find out more about another worthwhile event since November 4th, 2016 Address for exceptional shopping looking forward. However, it works TIMESTUFF not about the fifth jumper or the tenth pair of jeans in the wardrobe, but about watches from national and international brands that would otherwise be difficult to find in the capital. If you want to complete your outfit with a cool timepiece, you are spoiled for choice between brands like KERBHOLZ, KOMONO, ZIIIRO, WEWOOD or EONE . Even the body-conscious trendsetter comes here with the brand's activity trackers FITBIT at his expense.

The passion for extravagant watches and a joint trip to Asia prompted the founders Steven and Philipp to enter the watch trade in 2011.

"Right from the start, we wanted to sell watches that only a few people in this country know and that stand out from the crowd with a high degree of creativity and unique designs".

Thanks to the continuing success of your online shop, you have finally fulfilled a long-awaited wish - a store in the heart of Berlin.

"In times when online trading is becoming more and more important, we want to be a little closer to our customers and offer the best possible advice."

A look at the new store in the Immanuelkirchstr. 38 in Prenzlauer Berg is definitely worth it.

We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to the companies and people who were involved in the conception and realization of our shop concept.

Planning and concept: Suzanne Kaiser

Realization and implementation: AR Display GmbH

Photos: Michael Zalewski


If you don't like the selected product, you can return it within 30 days. More on this under Right of Withdrawal.