SECRID – Revolution für deine Hosentasche

SECRID – Revolution for your pocket

At least since SECRID, one thing is clear to us: not all wallets are the same.

The SECRID wallets from the Dutch family business are not just an attractive IT piece. They combine elegant looks, impressive quality and surprising haptics with award-winning innovation and unique mechanisms.

The designer couple René and Marianne have been working on revolutionizing our most important accessory since 1997. The result is an amazingly smart wallet that surpasses every wallet expectation.

SECRID wallets have 2 special materials. The surface of the wallets are made of cattle hides from Italy, Germany or the Netherlands.

The 10 different types of leather are carefully processed, dyed and treated by hand to create a multitude of different designs for every taste. Due to the environmentally friendly production, the quality and feel of the leather is impressive.
The wallets are manufactured exclusively in the Netherlands. The products are made with great care and love in social workshops. The result is not only very chic and of high quality, but also comes with a lot of plus points for the Karma account.

Since we almost always carry a wallet with us...

... the SECRID wallets were designed to be compact and space-saving. They fit comfortably in your pocket, but offer plenty of space for all important documents and belongings. Because the SECRID designers know how valuable our pocket-sized documents are, they have created a very special protection for our data.
The heart of every wallet are the card protectors, which have already received various awards. And rightly so. The second special material that SECRID uses is an aluminum case that offers space for up to 6 cards.

The cards are not only protected from bending and breaking. The aluminum protector also prevents your RFID data from being read and copied, as the cover prevents the transmission of signals. By the way, you are still protected when you use your cards. This allows you to use your cards at close range, but the signals are so weak that reading them from a greater distance is not possible.
You can slide the cards out of the case with one hand. The mechanism is so simple but ingenious that it has already been patented by SECRID.

Are you curious?

Then come to our store in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin and let yourself be surprised by the wallets. If you are not in the vicinity, it is worth taking a look at the online store . As always, the rule here is: just look, don't touch. ?


If you don't like the selected product, you can return it within 30 days. More on this under Right of Withdrawal.