Lilienthal Zeitgeist Automatik – maskulin, urban, konkurrenzlos

Lilienthal Zeitgeist Automatic – masculine, urban, unrivalled

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You might think that everything has already been said about TIMESTUFF watches. They have to be unique in a different way, standing for urban chic and exciting minimalism. They make statements without ostentation, symbolize quality and aesthetics, and are the perfect accessory for life in the urban jungle.

The latest model from Lilienthal exceeds our expectations of the perfect wristwatch on all levels. It is a homage to the new quality of time. The pieces of jewelery from the "Zeitgeist Automatic" series rightly bear their name and are heralding in a new era with a proudly swollen chest.

For this reason we are more than happy to be able to offer the timepieces exclusively in our online shop and in the Berlin store. The edition is limited to 500 pieces of jewelery and can already be tried on and pre-ordered. Each individual watch is engraved on the case cover, which makes it unmistakable as a First Edition.

With the face of the wristwatch, the Lilienthal designers opted for classic aesthetics. The round dial is framed by matt stainless steel. The crown is unobtrusively embedded in the frame. Pure sapphire glass protects the high-quality dial and the filigree hands so that the watch becomes a pleasant companion.

Time is only special when you give it meaning. In order to handle this valuable commodity as precisely as possible, the minutes on the dial make it easier to read. The three hands of the "Zeitgeist Automatic" are coated with Superluminova and give you a precise vision of the uniqueness of the moment, even in the dark.

In order to make the classic design of the wristwatch perfect, the surface of the dial has been galvanized. The face is additionally refined using a special process. For a particularly high-quality look, the dial now shines in a simple, matt stainless steel tone.

Sellita SW200 – Mechanical masterpiece

The automatic watch from Lilienthal is powered by the Swiss watch movement SW200 from Sellita with automatic winding. This not only stands for outstanding quality, but also for absolute precision. 26 jewels ensure maximum reliability and a 38-hour power reserve in the automatic caliber.

The filigree clockwork is driven by mechanical energy. You can admire exactly how all the wheels, screws and springs work together on the back of your watch. Because the bottom of the dial was equipped with glass. A special highlight is the dark galvanized rotor with the engraved Lilienthal logo.

Lilienthal's designers love big city life just as much as we do. That's why the "Zeitgeist Automatic" was designed with a special touch of exciting down-to-earthness. The watch in classic silver is noble but reserved. The variant with the black and anthracite-colored gunmetal plating is particularly masculine and expressive.

In the first edition of the timepiece, you can choose your bracelet from five different color nuances. Black, dark brown, light brown, gray and dark blue fit perfectly into the “Zeitgeist” image. They stand for sincere self-confidence, urban understatement and classic elegance.

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By the way, the bracelets can be exchanged with all 23 straps from Lilienthal in a matter of seconds thanks to a simple mechanism. You also have the choice between leather or high-quality fabric straps. You can adapt your chronometer to the occasion, your taste and your outfit at any time.

The "Zeitgeist Automatic" from Lilienthal combines a love of Berlin design, German craftsmanship and Swiss precision, making it an incomparable timepiece. The gem is available from mid-July. It's still worth being quick, because the wristwatches are absolutely unrivaled in terms of design and quality.

If you don't want to wait that long, you can try the limited first edition on now exclusively in our store in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg and get advice from our guys. For all pre-orders you will receive an EarlyBird discount of 50€. The same applies, of course, to advance sales in our online shop. Simply enter the code " TIME50 " in the shopping cart.


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